In the olden times, being a casino dealer meant getting up and working at odd hours of the day. Being a casino dealer meant bearing with the taunts and often times curses of the players. Its a bit of a rough job for the dealers. But those days are long gone for the human dealer has been replaced by a computer and this type of dealer is ready to deal out cards, dice and spins the roulette wheels without any complaint or tantrum. This dealer is always awake and is consistent with the way it deals. Welcome the computerized dealer!

The biggest problem of human casino dealers is that when they make an error, it affects the entire game and causes a lot of inconvenience to all. Imagine a dealer that makes a wrong deal and some people see the error and point it out, it immediately puts the dealer in a difficult situation. Imagine a situation wherein a dealers makes a mistake and some players see it, they may opt to blackmail the dealer into getting free chips or worse, a good set of cards. This makes the game all the more untrustworthy and makes the casino lose its rep as being a good place to play.

What are the main advantages of such a dealer?

1. Fast Turnover. With a mechanized and computerized dealer, more players can be accommodated into a game and there is a near perfect degree of accuracy when dealing in any game. Since the errors are dramatically reduced, there are more chances that the game gets dealt and finished easily. So with more games ending faster, more games are quickly put up.

2. Reduced errors. Since the human factor has been removed, the task of dealing becomes more mechanical and standardized. Since machines only do what is asked of them, there are less mistakes done and the consistency of game play is maintained.

3. Professional service. Since there is no more error, every gaming experience is smooth and players know that the play is going to be exact and fixed. There is no chance that the dealers maybe bribed or coerced into doing something else. One knows that if a machine cheats, its because it was programmed to do so and it could not have moved on its own will.

4. Quality. In terms of quality, the dealers can be scanned for any errors and discrepancies in their performance. Players can also rate how the dealer was and if they noticed anything strange or unusual in the way that the cards were dealt. Since casino owners rely ion these dealers to bring in money, they take any complaint or report against the website and dealers seriously and take action almost immediately.

Online dealers may have the edge in accuracy and speed but if one craves the human touch and human interaction, they should try going back to traditional land based casinos.

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