It costs nothing to be polite to people you’re about to beat at the table. Assuming you’ve practice your poker skills or memorized your card counting patterns for blackjack so thoroughly that you see them in your dreams. Gambling etiquette is a topic that is often lost to the ages, as a practice that is apparently archaic. Perhaps it is time to bring back the cordial behavior and make the casinos once again the land of gentlemen and ladies. Through good etiquette a person can present themselves as classy. This is not just true in the casinos as it can also easily apply to other aspects of your life. The following gambling tips can help cultivate this persona and perhaps, help you create a generally more pleasing atmosphere for everyone involved at the casino table that you’re playing it.

Tip your dealer – it’s a good and right and proper action to do as this is the person that facilitates your game. These people are on their feet all day, learning rules that they cannot use anywhere in order to provide you with an entertaining and memorable experience overall. They deal with jerks all the time and you could brighten the world just a little by slipping them a chip or two. Appreciation goes a long way. This also, in addition to other benefits, has the dealer pay more attention to you which could keep your bet from getting lost in the hustle, scuffle and hustle of a quick game of say, roulette.

Another good gambling tip is to treat your fellow gamblers with respect and to remember that behind their chips they’re human beings too. This applies to games where you’re teamed up against the dealer such as blackjack, games where you’re all hoping for a fortuitous outcome like roulette and even if you’re fighting against them in competitive community card games such as Texas Hold’em and other poker variants. Especially in a tournament setting, where you’re going to be around these other Texas Hold’em people for extended periods. It’s best to cultivate a spirited and competitive atmosphere rather than one that is hot and hostile. Of course, one of you has to win which means that many other people will lose but that does not mean that you have to go and make enemies out of them. After all, if you play in more tournaments you may well end up seeing them again and if you make enemies of them, that could cause you undue stress.

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