Each player in the slot wants to know the secrets of winning in slots. Actually, there are no magic secrets or formulas that will guarantee you the jackpot prize, but these tips will help you improve your chances of hitting that big jackpot, or at least of winning those minor prizes.

When playing slots, make sure that you play maximum bets. Playing single coins, although it is expensive as maximum coins, will only get you the minimal prizes even if you get very good combinations. This is especially true in progressive slot machines, which pay the jackpot only if you place maximum bets.

You also have to understand that paylines and bonus rounds involved in slot play. Often, it pays to play the maximum pay lines. You not only have to play maximum coins but also play maximum pay lines. If you play maximum coins but only on a payline, you will not win the biggest jackpot. Playing max paylines is definitely more expensive but richer promises and better rewards than playing only a payline.

Bonus rounds are a great way to increase your winnings from the slot machine, but a word of caution here. You must be ready to lose your winnings once you decide to go on to the bonus rounds. If you win in the round bonus, you have greatly increased the winnings but if you lose, you lose you lose your winnings too.

Past, it does not become a zombie. A zombie is a person who sits on a slot machine and mindlessly plays it over and over again, placing more and more coins on it. You become a zombie when you monopolize a slot machine and do not change to other machines and variations. It is best to move around and try your luck on other machines and games. This will not only break the boredom and monotony, but it will also prevent you from losing a lot of money in an unproductive slot machine.

If you play slots online, always download the full version of the online casino software. The flash or Java version may be faster, but it lacks the variety of games and features that downloadable software has.

Last but not the least, always play slot machines for the purpose of fun and entertainment, not benefit. The slot machines are made in a way that makes it impossible for anyone to gain a life from playing the slots, so just play them when you feel lucky enough.

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