The truth is – there is really no strategy that can qualify as the “best”. In craps, strategies do not work for all types of players. While many veterans rake in winnings by fencing their bets, newbies could not do the same due to lack of experience. Players who rely on their luck y- and who get away with that el- on the other hand could not share their secrets, even if they want to. They are just born under the lucky star, I guess.

With what do we have to so advise when playing craps?

Know the betting types, know the profitability, know what the odds are and that is it.

And since we told you to do that, here is a starter guide for you.

The bet of the step and the come bet without the free probabilities, the players that take pass bets or come the bets get to enjoy relatively low of a benefit of 1.4% houses. With that kind of odds, it’s like you’re playing blackjack and not craps!

With double odds, however, the low house advantage gets even lower as it has sliced ??through – más- more so even at just .6%. This very low house advantage can also be applied to your opposite bets, do not come and do not pass the bets if the double odds are used once more.

The field bet just for the recap, the field bet is a one-wheel bet that means that you can take a field at any time bet you feel like doing so.

The area of ??the field bet on craps table layout holds the following digits: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Remember that you get to enjoy twice as much profit if the next roll reveals 2 or 12.

The field bet has a house advantage of 5.55%. Why? Because there are 20 different ways that you could lose the field bet while there are only 16 ways you could win your bet. Do you feel the odds are unfair? Well, that is life.

But a lot of people still tend to hold the field bet in favor so I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions.

Big 6 or Big 8 when you put your chips in the big 6 or 8 big betting areas, you’re wagering that – 6 or 8 if you were for – big 8 would appear before 7. Do not mind if the Rolls that succeed would go up with other numbers. They do not count. All you need is for the big 6 or 8 to appear before 7, that’s it!

You earn even money with this bet.

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